Wednesday, December 29, 2010

how to consult?

palm is the visible part of your mind. to know more about your education , carrier, marriage, health . scan your hand or take a photo of your palm by digital or mobile camera and send its image by email. in the mail write your Qns. clearly. write ur DOB , time , place and occupation. example- palm image+navin+23 jul 1980, 1.20pm, chandigarh,teacher etc. email-


You have seen some dream during sleep, good or bad- want to know its enterpretation in ur life

write us your dream in detail, date of dream, you were sleep lonely or with someone his name

and send to us by email-

after well analysis your Qns/ Dreams we will tell you amount to deposit in the bank account, and the solution will be in your inbox within 48 hrs.